PayPal is teaming up with electronics manufacturer Lenovo and chip maker Intel to let users authenticate payments on their PCs with a fingerprint.

Working with biometrics specialist Synaptics, the partners aim to help owners of Lenovo computer-owners ditch passwords for PayPal and other Fido-enabled services.

PayPal and Lenovo were among the firms that set up the Fido Alliance back in 2012 in a bid to replace password-based online authentication with an industry-supported open protocol tied to the actual device used to access services.

Brett McDowell, executive director, Fido Alliance, says: “Passwords are a universal problem that is not limited to mobile devices. Every internet connected device needs the ability to upgrade to simpler, stronger Fido authentication and thanks to this partnership, the desktop ecosystem is on an accelerated path to get the same Fido capabilities already well established across the mobile ecosystem.”